Flora and Fauna

By virtue of being located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Bhutan is not only gifted with a serene and pure environment, but a variety in its collection of flora and fauna. The Bhutanese Himalayan vegetation ranges from the Alpine Zone to Temperate Zone and the Subtropical Zone.These three zones are rampant with a wide varieties of wildlife; Golden langurs, Royal Bengal Tigers,

Clouded leopards, red pandas, snow leopards, Royal Asian elephants, huge dolphins, pangolins, Himalayan black bear, one horned rhinos, rufous-necked hornbill, great white heron, Pallas fishing eagle, spotted wren-babbler, emerald cuckoo, black bears,takin, tiger, snow leopards, barking deer, red fox, the Himalayan squirrel, the Assamese macaw, grey backed shrike, common hoopoe, grey headed woodpecker, dark breasted rose finch, and etc.

And to shelter them are a wide diversities of plant life; Blue poppy, edelweiss, orchids, rhododendrons, primulas, cordyceps, and etc. Supporting these wild life is the monsoon rain and at other times occasional showers.